600 N. Deerpath Drive Vernon Hills, IL 60061
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Board of Commissioners

John Reindl

Serving since 1992

Dennis Maslon

Serving since 2012

Charles Trampe

Serving since 2013


The Board of Commissioners is responsible for all sworn personnel matters. The three-member board is appointed by the Board of Trustees. Each commissioner serves a staggered three-year term with one ending each year. Some key functions of the Commissioners are establishing and overseeing the hiring and promotional policies and procedures for firefighting personnel and firefighter disciplinary practices. Click here for information about firefighter employment opportunities.

Generally the Board of Commissioners meets the fourth Monday of each month at 9:00 AM at the Countryside Headquarters (600 N. Deerpath Drive, Vernon Hills) when they have business. As required by the Illinois Open Meetings Act (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1987, Ch. 102, par. 41 et seq.), all Board of Commissioners meetings are open to the public, and the Countryside Fire Protection District posts the schedules, agendas, and minutes for Board of Commissioners meetings.

Schedules, Agendas & Announcements
  Year 2018
2018 BOFC Meeting Dates
BOC Special Meeting Notice 2018-07-10
BOC Agenda 2018-09-27
BOC Agenda 2018-10-02
BOC Agenda 2018-10-10
  Year 2017
2017 BOFC Meeting Dates
BOC Agenda 2017-02-27
BOC Agenda 2017-03-08
BOC Agenda 2017-10-23

Year 2016
2016 BOFC Meeting Dates
BOC Agenda 2016-02-16
BOC Agenda 2016-02-18
BOC Agenda 2016-09-26
BOC Agenda 2016-10-25
BOC Agenda 2016-12-14
  Year 2015
2015 Commission Meeting Dates
BOC Agenda 2015-04-27
Special BOFC Meeting Agenda 2015-06-01

Year 2014
2014 Meeting Dates
BOC Agenda 2014-01-27
BOC Agenda 2014-02-24
Special Meeting Notice 6-7-14
BOC Agenda 2014-06-23
BOC Agenda 2014-09-22
BOC Agenda 2014-10-27
  Year 2018
BOC Minutes 2018-09-27
BOC Minutes 2018-10-02
  Year 2017
BOC Minutes 2017-08-07
BOC Minutes 2017-09-27
BOC Minutes 2017-10-23

Year 2016
BOC Minutes 2016-02-16
BOC Minutes 2016-09-26
BOC Minutes 2016-10-25
 Year 2015
BOC Minutes 2015-04-18
BOC Minutes 2015-04-27Year 2014
BOC Minutes 2014-01-27
BOC Minutes 2014-02-24
BOC Minutes 2014-06-07
BOC Minutes 2014-06-23
BOC Minutes 2014-09-22
BOC Minutes 2014-10-27

Click here for archive of Year 2013 and earlier.

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