The combination of properly working smoke alarms, a planned and practiced family escape plan, and basic home fire safety awareness is the key to being safer. Keep your family safe by installing smoke alarms and testing them monthly to make sure they work.  In addition, follow these safety tips:

  • Clean, vacuum, and test smoke alarms regularly.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke alarm at least twice a year and as soon as the alarm “chirps” warning that the battery is low. Special Note: With the introduction of ten-year lithium batteries available for use in smoke alarms, replacement is not needed on a semi-annual basis; however, monthly cleaning and testing remains an important safety measure.
  • Replace your smoke alarm every ten years.
  • Don’t disable smoke alarms, even temporarily.

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Smoke Alarm PSA



Alarm Recycle

REMINDER: Countryside Fire Protection has partnered with the Fremont Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in an effort to provide our community an easy way to properly dispose of fire extinguishers.  To read more about the recycling program and drop off locations, please click here.

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