A Cut Above PersonnelThe Cut Above Award was established to recognize the special efforts of local firefighters and paramedics.  On Tuesday, November 1, 2013, Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital recognized Countryside Fire Protection District members for their efforts during a severe accident.

“During a severe two-vehicle accident, a teenage girl in the front passenger seat was jolted to the backseat after a pickup truck collided with the car.  She suffered serious injuries, including an open femur fracture in one of her lower extremities and a closed femur fracture in the other.  Her position in the crumpled car controlled the arterial bleeding the open femur fracture.  However, following a 20-minute extrication from the car, arterial bleeding increased.  Paramedics used a tourniquet and Quick Clot bandages to successfully stop the hemorrhaging.  Flight for Life transport was unable to land due the amount of debris, and the patient was transported via ambulance to the hospital.  Unfortunately, the driver of the car, the girl’s mother, was found deceased at the scene.  But thanks to the expertise and collaboration of three different municipalities, her daughter was saved and some good came out of this said event.”

Countryside Fire Protection District Firefighter/Paramedics Honored:
FF/PM Andy Rubenstein, FF/PM George Tejcek, FF/PM Mike Kamminga, FF/PM Joel Severin, FF/PM Brian Ondrako, Battalion Chief Kevin Wodrich, FF/PM John Sherwood, FF/PM Bryan Koza, and Lieutenant Mike Dovel